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The Inspirational X-country biking adventure to believe in.
NYC --> LA
No money, no plan, no problem. Biking 2 Believe


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Bike To Believe

What is Bike to Believe?

On June 16th, 2014. Kurshot took off on an inspiring cross country biking adventure from NYC to LA starting with no money, no plan, and no place to sleep.

Everyone has a dream; somewhere they want to go, something they want to do, and ultimately, someone they want to be. No matter what your dream is, first you gotta BELIEVE!

BIKE TO BELIEVE is about making YOUR dreams a reality. Kurshot is biking from NYC to LA to prove to himself and others that no matter what the odds, we can accomplish anything if we BELIEVE in ourselves! Join Kurshot on this cross country adventure and BELIEVE by buying him a meal or two. By giving him the fuel he needs, heÕll fire you up and prove to you that anything is possible. Never stop dreaming, and never stop believing BIKE TO BELIEVE!!

Last years Bike To Believe - NYC to Miami

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About Kurshot

Kurshot realized that the life he was living wasn't the life of his dreams. He had started a company in a field he wasn't passionate about, was broke, and felt more stressed than any other time in his life. He decided to move out of NYC and relocate back home where he regrouped and began using his new found knowledge to start from scratch and begin creating the life of his dreams...

4 Years ago...

He wasn't sure what he wanted to do for a career but he knew in his heart, more than anything, he wanted to travel. After some discussions with friends on the West Coast, Kurshot bought a $1000 1986 Mazda RX-7 and drove west, heading for Las Vegas in search of warm weather and a new life of...

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HOw You Can Help

Whether in one’s personal life or career, it's difficult to accomplish much without support from others along the way. Kurshot is asking for support in raising the necessary funds to make it across the country, as well as make UniChi's vision for a better world a reality. Read UniChi’s Mission Statement

A few ways to support the cause is by ordering one of Bike To Believe's incredibly awesome T-shirts, Providing Kurshot with Food & Water or makeing an Influential donation.

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